It’s Five Finger Friday!!!

The response to my poll about whether readers thought Vibram Five Fingers were fun and funky, or a fashion faux pas came out overwhelmingly on the side of fun and funky.  As a result, I have decided to inflict Five Finger Friday on my loyal readers, and my family and co-workers.

This week I decided to go with the FABULOUS pink Mary Janes.  They are a good gateway Five Finger shoe.  As you can see, they are very subtle.  It’s hard to detect that they are Vibram Five Fingers at first glance.

The Airedale Terrierists, Queen Barktifah and Muffie Stuffie Sucker, appear to REALLY like the pink Mary Janes.  Perhaps it’s because they are made from kangaroo leather.  I think I need to clear out an upper cubby in my shoe tree…

I have to tell you, these are very comfortable.  The only thing better is no shoes at all.

I’d love to feature some of my loyal readers rocking their Five Fingers along with me.  If you would like to be featured in an upcoming Five Finger Friday post, email me a photo of you rocking your VFFs at

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7 Responses to It’s Five Finger Friday!!!

  1. Nikee says:

    Oh no you didin’t! Do it again on Sunday…please 🙂

    • paleopassage says:

      Well, normally I’d just go barefoot since I’m entertaining family at home. But for you… Perhaps you could have Derek wear his too and we’ll have a photo op.

      • Nikee says:

        It’s a deal…and it doesn’t need to be an all evening thing – I just want to see them live and in action!

  2. Nickie says:

    Those look soooo cute on you! The only reason I hesitated to buy those was because it said on the website that they’re meant for inside use, but then it also said somewhere they are awesome for traveling – geez, can’t remember.

    Sooo… you didn’t say what your co-workers’ reaction was… I’m very curious 😉

    • paleopassage says:

      The bottoms have a little bit odf a sole. I found they were just fine for getting from my car to inside. This did not appear to cause any wear and tear on them. It took my co-workers a few hours to notice. They thought it was hilarious.

      I also had an appointment at the mall to get my eyebrows waxed (monthly maintenance). The ladies at the counter thought they were very cool. Several of them thought they’d be very comfy for work(they stand all day). I mentioned that they did come in black (they are required to wear black at work) and suggested they get the Classic model. The Classic has a lower vamp and would help elongate the leg. 😀

  3. I love mine! I bought two pairs: one for me, and one for the little one Do you know they won’t allow him to wear them in gym class? They are not “sports shoes.” I was so peeved when he came home and told me that!

    • paleopassage says:

      I love it. Send me a photo of the two of you rocking your Five Fingers. I’d love to feature you on a Friday. I’m sure folks are getting tired of looking at me. 😀 Boo hiss on the establishment not letting the little guy wear them for gym. I might be perverse enough t fight about it. It would depnd on m current mood.

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