I am an active 50 something woman who lives in Wine Country, CA with TMOTH (The Man of the House) and two Airedale Terrierists (who shall be known as Queen Barktifah and Muffie Stuffie Sucker).  I have worked for 16 years for a wholesale supplier of dehydrated vegetables.

In actuality, I am a frustrated Exercise Physiologist.  I have a BS in Physical Education with a minor in Health.  I did graduate work in Exercise Physiology and had one job in that field.  Life intervened, and I ended up working with vegetables.

This blog will be an outlet for my interest in and fascination with nutrition & metabolism, and exercise and their effects on the human body.


4 Responses to About

  1. Julie Pebworth says:

    Great start Julie, I look forward to reading about your journey!

  2. Shonna says:

    I’m loving your blog Aunt Julie! Thanks for the inspiration and of course the laughs.

  3. Lisa Flener says:

    Can’t wait the the next installment!!

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