Vibram Five Fingers: Fun and Funky or Fashion Faux Pas?

Last year, while I was recovering from the overuse injury to my right foot, I did a lot of reading on Barefoot Running.  As a result, I was exposed to the related topic of minimalist shoes.  I may at some point do a post on Barefoot Running and my foray into it.  However, this post is all about the shoes.

I spend a lot of time barefoot.  My feet prefer to be barefoot.  The only time I wear shoes is when they are required, either by law, convention or practicality (e.g. rocky hiking trails).  On those occasions when I do have to wear shoes, I prefer that they make a statement.  I love my shoes, and have a large and varied collection.  Still, I kick them off at the first opportunity.  My feet are so much happier without shoes.  At work, every time I get up from my desk I have to put my shoes back on.

I have for months resisted the idea of getting a pair of the Vibram Five Fingers minimalist shoe.  Basically, I thought they looked completely dorky.  Lately though, they are kind of growing on me.  Perhaps it’s the insidious, subliminal message of seeing Mark Sisson rocking them in the photo montage in the header at Mark’s Daily Apple Apparently resistance IS futile, and I am about to be assimilated.

Whatever the reason is, I have started lusting after this pair:

The color is perfect to blend with my basic wardrobe colors.  The style, not so much.  My current style is classic, with an occasional, funky twist or accessory.  My shoes are often the focal point of my attire.  If I were to throw on a pair of those mauve VFFs, the shoe would definitely be a focal point.

And what about these pink Mary Janes?  Aren’t they FABULOUS?

There are minimal shoes that I could purchase that would pass for conventional shoes.  They would be almost as comfortable as being barefoot.  The thing is, most of those options look like ugly conventional shoes.  If I wore them, it would just look like I had unfortunate taste in shoes.

I think I am attracted to the VFFs because they are funky and playful, which is a quality I strive to hit with my shoes.  It would be a very tongue in cheek statement, my own little joke.  It’s the same sort of statement I used to make as a teen at camp with my socks.

I suspect if I started wearing the VFFs every day my co-workers would believe that I had finally gone over the cliff into total insanity (I’m sure they already think that I am on the precipice some days).  But what if I rocked them only once a week?  What if I established Five Fingers Friday?  Would it be fun and funky, or a fashion faux pas?

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7 Responses to Vibram Five Fingers: Fun and Funky or Fashion Faux Pas?

  1. Nickie says:

    Hi! Good post. Last year we (hubby, 2 sons & I) bought some VFFs. I have the pink Sprints with the strap over them. I like wearing them, they just rub the top part of my heal a bit, so I can’t wear them too long. I bought mine, because I like to run around barefoot a lot (uh, not really run, make this a walk). The coolest thing is how they spread your toes apart when you wear them.

    As of work, I showed them off for 30 minutes – they were great conversation pieces – but actually wearing them all day, probably would not fit into our office environment.

    Greetings from Germany,

    • paleopassage says:

      I could get away with them in our office. The General Manager comes in wearing shorts and Keen sandals. It’s pretty free form as long as you are clean. If guests are expected, an email is sent out so we can put on our business-like costumes.

  2. Cathy Williams says:

    The remind me of Birkenstocks-ugly when you first saw them but they grew on you. I like the first pair and boy have I been seeing these on the trail this year! You could rock this look!

    • paleopassage says:

      The poll results were overwhelming. I will be subjecting you all to Five Finger Fridays. I suspect my children will regret that they have not had time to check out my blog. Mwahuhua!!!!

      I must scamper off to acquire those pink mary janes…

  3. Nickie says:

    Hehehe, I used to were Birkenstocks (knock-offs) all the time – yes, with socks (as a real German should) lol

  4. Nickie says:

    Forgot to mention – moved on to Wally-World Crocks (I think they fit my feet better than the real crocks).

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