It’s Five Finger Friday Again!

Guess what?!!!  It’s Five Finger Friday again.  I must confess that I have started my descent down the slippery slope.  I wore my pink VFF Mary Janes to work on Tuesday.  One person commented “hey it’s not Friday yet.”

Well, we finally have made it through the week to Friday.  Here’s the ensemble du jour.

I am starting to feel the need for a basic black pair of VFFs to round out my wardrobe.  Here are some of the options.
This is the classic model. It has a low vamp which is good for elongating leg length.  Having that much foot exposed might be a bit cold in the approaching inclement weather.

Or I could go with the Mary Jane in black.  I’m finding the pink ones to be very comfortable.  I also like how they look.  Again, this shoe would not be a good foul weather shoe.

The KSO Treks offer good foul weather coverage.  However, I’m concerned that I’d look like I had gorilla feet while I was wearing them.

I’d love to feature some of my loyal readers rocking their Five Fingers along with me. If you would like to be featured in an upcoming Five Finger Friday post, email me a photo of you rocking your VFFs at

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4 Responses to It’s Five Finger Friday Again!

  1. Spyder Huntington says:

    I like the Pink ones also!. They look Killer on you!!

  2. laura bonn says:

    you are too much, julie….you often provide me with the laugh of the day!
    you can wear any of those VFFs and still look gorgeous!

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