A Day of Play

Mark Sisson, in his presentation at the Ancestral Health Symposium 2011, discussed the importance of play in the healthy human life.

Play can mean different things to every individual.  My idea of play is to get outside and enjoy nature.  I love to hike, snow shoe, camp and spend time enjoying the outdoors.  My YO (Youngest Offspring) loves to play board games and do crafts.  These activities, which are play for her would not be for me.

Recently my BFF, She-Ra, came to visit for a weekend.  We played all over the area.  One of the highlights of our play time was our visit to Sonoma Canopy Tours.  TMOTH, She-Ra and I did their zip-line tour of the redwood canopy.

This activity met many of my criteria for play.  It was outdoors in a beautiful setting.  I was joined by people that I love.  The activity was purposeless.  I had no investment in the outcome.  I spent the entire time in the moment.  Riding on the zip-lines was exhilarating and fun.

Here are a few pictorial highlights from that day (Special thanks to our FABULOUS photographer, TMOTH).

She-Ra and I getting into our gear.

She-Ra ready for take off.

There goes She-Ra!

Now it's my turn!

Thi bridge is WAY up there.

How do we get down from here?

The perfect end to a perfect day.

If any of my loyal readers should find themselves in Sonoma County looking for a place to play, I highly recommend Sonoma Canopy Tours.

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