Reinforcing my Commitment to be a Locavore.

This opinion piece came out in the New York Times this week

It discusses several studies that were conducted by analyzing chicken feathers (like human hair analysis) for drugs and heavy metals.  The findings were quite disturbing.  They strengthened my stance to source my meats locally from farmers or ranchers  who raise their animals in a biologically appropriate manner.

I don’t have to worry about getting a dose of Cipro or Prozac when I eat my chicken from Tara Firma Farms.  I have visited the farm and seen their husbandry practices.  I know that the chicken I am fueling my body with was not given antibiotics, or other drugs.  I know it was not given feed contaminated with heavy metals.  The chicken I eat was raised on hillside pastures out in the sun, scratching for bugs.  This is a humane and biologically appropriate life for a chicken.

Buying directly from the farmer can be slightly more expensive than purchasing the mass produced, stressed out chickens (or other meats) that are sold in the mega stores.  It’s worth it to me.  I know that the food that my family eats will nourish us, not poison us.  I know the animals were treated humanely and appropriately.

We need to vote with our dollars if we want to continue to have this type of wholesome, nourishing food available to us.  Learn about your local farmers, and support them by purchasing their products.

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2 Responses to Reinforcing my Commitment to be a Locavore.

  1. Cathy says:

    Great post! I don’t eat meat but totally agree with this approach for those who do. I need to start getting my eggs at my local farmers market, I resolve to go tomorrow! It is great to have your blog back.

    • paleopassage says:

      Thanks Cathy! We were getting our eggs from either Tara Firma Farms or the Farmer’s Market. However, I am fortunate enough to have a friend who keeps backyard chickens. She is supplying us with all the eggs we can eat. Her hens have the run of their yard. She only keeps them for the eggs. They die of old age. I’d like to have backyard chickens, but I know if I did that Queen Barktifah would be barking 24/7. Muffie Stuffie Sucker would probably be frightened of them.

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