My Quest to Get My Groove Back

I have been out of the exercise groove since mid-December.  This has happened to me from time to time in the past.  It’s especially frustrating because of my past life as an Exercise Physiologist.  I’m fully apprised of all the benefits of exercise.  I have taken all sorts of classes and had all sorts of discussions regarding exercise compliance and how to motivate people to exercise.  Right now I am finding myself in the 90% who do not follow an adequate program of physical activity.

I have given some thought to how I got off course with my exercise.  There were multiple factors.  My office moved to a new location and I had extra holiday related activities going on.  My routine was disrupted.

My normal exercise routine last year was to do body weight strength exercises at home before work on Tuesday and Thursday.  I would change at work and go to the Y to do something on the way home most evenings.

The change in work location affected my routine in two ways.  The bathroom where I changed at the old office was used only by my co-workers.  The new bathroom is shared by everyone in the building.  Because of this, some people are disgusting pigs do not take responsibility for cleaning up after themselves.  I feel sorry for the gentleman that has to clean that bathroom each day.  I use the state of the bathroom as an excuse not to change.  The other factor is the changed route to get to the Y.  It’s easier to continue on to home instead of heading over a few blocks to the Y.

My planned (and former) exercise routine is this:

  • Monday PM:  20 minute H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) on the elliptical at the Y
  • Tuesday AM:  4 sets (20 minutes) of body weight calisthenics at home
  • Tuesday PM:  30 minutes of low intensity activity (either hike or at the Y)
  • Wednesday PM:  30 minutes of low intensity activity
  • Thursday AM:  4 sets (20 minutes) of body weight calisthenics at home
  • Thursday PM:  30 minutes of low intensity activity (either hike or at the Y)
  • Friday PM:  30 minutes of low intensity activity
  • Weekend:  Hike for several hours

I have taken some steps to get back into the habit.  I am doing fairly well at getting the low level activity in.  When weather permits, I walk briskly for a half hour at lunch.  I have a standing date with my friend, The Beach Babe (TBB) to hike at our local State Park Tuesday and Thursday after work for 30-60 minutes.  I have a bike on back order with a local shop.  When it comes in I plan to ride to work on Wednesday and Friday.  That’s a 10 mile round trip.  I’ll also work in some hikes on the weekend with TBB, TMOUTH and/or my hiking club.

Getting back into the groove with the low level activity is not difficult for me.  These are all activities that I enjoy.  It’s the activities that I don’t particularly like (H.I.I.T and strength work) that create the greater challenge.  Intellectually I know that I need to do them for my health.  It’s still tough to do it.

I have decided to try to motivate myself to get back into the exercise groove by being accountable to you, my loyal readers (all 14 of you).  I will post a quick update each day to report on my exercise for the previous day.  My goal is to meet the schedule outlined above.

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1 Response to My Quest to Get My Groove Back

  1. Rock Dr says:

    Just discovered your blog through the blog roll at another site which escapes me now. I have been playing catch up with earlier postings. Isn’t Dr. Oz a pill! I was moved to comment after reading about how the low intensity exercise was easy to reincorporate but strength work is less enjoyable. I’m just the opposite. Have always loved weight training (heavier the better) and avoid the elliptical with a passion. Working towards paleo/primal/diet.

    Good luck with the evolution.

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