From the Internet: Make Shi(f)t Happen

I read a very interesting blog post this morning from Dean Dwyer of Make
Shi(f)t Happen (formerly Being Primal).  Dean’s post really resonated with me.  In it he discusses that the key to health, happiness and life is not Paleo, but change.  Paleo is a tool that can be used to get there, but in order for it to work, the person must make broader changes in his or her attitude, thinking and way of life.

I have found this to be very true for me.  My journey with Paleo has truly been a life passage.  I started with the goal of weight loss, but as my journey progressed so did my goals and my life as a whole.

Dean recommends five books in his post.  These are not Paleo books.  They are books that illustrate concepts about change and growth.  In the post he outlines the way that he thinks a person can most effectively absorb and utilize the information in the books.  I plan to work my way through them.

If you are interested, here’s a link to Dean’s post.

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