My Paleo Plate 10/25/11

Most of you are probably familiar with the plate icon that has replaced the old food pyramid.

The folks at Fitbomb came up with a Paleo version.

When people find out that I’m not eating grains, legumes, dairy or processed foods they often ask “What do you eat? Don’t you get bored?”

I eat tasty, real food.  I don’t get bored.  The possibilities are endless and limited only by my own creativity.  From time to time I’ll do a post on My Paleo Plate and show you what I eat in a day.

Breakfast:  This is an omelet made from pastured eggs from the Hector Alvarez Farm.  I used one duck egg and one chicken egg.  The eggs from this farm are the best that I have found.  The omelet is stuffed with Wild King Salmon and Spinach.  The topping is Sriracha sauce.

Lunch:  Slow-cooked grass-fed London Broil topped with Bearnaise Sauce.  Veggies are beets onions and beet greens sautéed with bacon.

Dinner:  We had dinner out at Smokehouse BBQ in Sebastopol.  I had the West County Bacon and Blue Cheese Salad and an appetizer portion of Smoked Chicken Wings.  I forgot to ask them to hold the croutons.  I had to pick them out before I ate.  The food was FABULOUS.  It is possible to eat out and still follow a Paleo eating plan.

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2 Responses to My Paleo Plate 10/25/11

  1. Cathy Williams says:

    Noting the water . . . I knew dairy is off limits on Paleo and I am guessing juices are also due to sugar content what are you allowed to drink besides water? Tea? Coffee? Wine?

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