From the Internet: Sustainability of Paleo Diets

Sustainability is a hot topic in the food industry right now.  Large companies such as Unilever and Walmart are joining the fray with programs intended to show consumers that they are producing sustainable foods.   Whether they really are is debatable.

I anticipate that there will be a lot of discussion going on in the Paleo community about sustainable food sources as they relate to the Paleo diet.  One of the arguments against the Paleo diet that many people bring up is a perceived lack of sustainability.

Here’s a presentation that was made at the Ancestral Health Symposium by Matt Metzgar PhD. in August 2011 on the Sustainability of Paleo Diets.

“Sustainability of paleo diets” by Matt Metzgar, PhD from Ancestry on Vimeo.

I believe that there are things that can be done to make any diet more sustainable.  Purchasing foods grown locally by small farmers is one way.  Using Permaculture and designing the environment to support people and agriculture is a related topic that might provide a solution.

This is a very complicated topic that deserves a lot of focus.  Robb Wolf has mentioned that he will be turning more attention to the topics of sustainability and his Liberty Garden concept.  This is a topic I am interested in, so you will see the things I find posted here from time to time.

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