Our First CSA Boxes-Week of 11/21/11

Here’s what we got this week in our CSA boxes:
 Basil
 Red potatoes
 Chard
 Kale
 Green beans
 Peppers
 Radishes
 Beets
 Winter Squash
 1 lb. Ground beef
 Roasting Chicken
 3 lb. Bottom Round Roast

For the dogs I got pork neck bones. I think I didn’t get one of the bags I was supposed to. I also ordered chicken necks, pig ears, and pork skins. I called the pick up site to ask if they were there. If not, I’ll contact the farm tomorrow and see what happened. I’m kind of disappointed about the pig ears. I was looking forward to that experiment.

Tomorrow I will do the roast in a crock-pot with the potatoes and some other stew-like pot roast things. The radishes may end up in the crock-pot too. I plan to season with rosemary from the yard. I will serve with a side of sautéed greens.

TMOTH has not yet decided what he will do Wednesday night. I’m lobbying for something with the chicken. He’s not thrilled with poultry that close to Thanksgiving. We’re having our dinner Friday, so if we have beef again on Thursday we’ll be alternating poultry and beef.

I’ll utilize the peppers in my omelets. The other veggies will get used as we eat our way through all the leftovers we will have from the roast, the turkey and the roasting chicken. This menu is not particularly inspired. However, that’s how Thanksgiving week tends to be. The focus is on the feast.

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3 Responses to Our First CSA Boxes-Week of 11/21/11

  1. Nikee says:

    Beautiful! What a bummer about the chicken necks and pork. I hope that portion was simply forgotten, opposed to someone taking what wasn’t theirs. There’s not an easy replacement for those; It’s not like you can just pull those items out of the garden (and I know sustainable, quality meat products aren’t cheap).

    • paleopassage says:

      The pork ears and skin were actually free. The chicken necks not too expensive. I emailed and asked for a credit. I don’t think anyone would have taken those items purposefully. You have to unload the boxes and coolers at the pick up site, so it wuld have been noticeable. I ordered more for next week.

  2. Cathy Williams says:

    You are probably not as disappointed as the pigs 😉

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