From the Internet: Mark Sisson on Play

Living a healthy and fulfilling life is not just about diet and exercise.  Lifestyle is a big factor.  The Ancestral Health movement also considers how our forebears lived and spent their days.  Mark Sisson in his book Primal Blueprint  outlined 10 Laws to follow if you want to live a healthy, primal life.  One of these laws is Play.

Here’s a video of the presentation Mark Sisson made at the Ancestral Health Symposium in August 2011.  The topic is play and it’s importance in a healthy life.  I think there’s a compelling message in this video.  We need to take time out of our hectic and busy lives to recharge our  batteries.  Play is an effective way to do this.

“Play: A lost art” by Mark Sisson from Ancestry on Vimeo.

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