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Creative Paleo Cooking

Paleo cooking has given me a new creative outlet.  It’s been fun to alter my cooking style to create meals that adhere to Paleo guidelines.  Purchasing seasonal, locally grown ingredients at the Farmer’s Market has added an additional level of … Continue reading

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From the Internet: Mark Sisson on Play

Living a healthy and fulfilling life is not just about diet and exercise.  Lifestyle is a big factor.  The Ancestral Health movement also considers how our forebears lived and spent their days.  Mark Sisson in his book Primal Blueprint  outlined 10 … Continue reading

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My Venture into the Realm of Science (or OCD)

One of the things that keeps me motivated and compliant with the Paleo Lifestyle is the desire to see if making these changes in my nutrition and lifestyle will get me the same results I see touted around the internet.  … Continue reading

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Time to Reassess my Paleo Diet

I’ve been eating Paleo for two months now.  I’ve was eating low carb for a month before that.  In these three months I have lost half of the weight I want to lose.  My weight loss is 10% of my starting body … Continue reading

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Paleo Fitness Program

Being active is an integral part of the Paleo lifestyle.  I have been an active person for most of my life.  My educational background is in Exercise Science.  Because of that, I have opinions on what constitutes an appropriate exercise … Continue reading

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So What is the Paleo Lifestyle?

Some of you may be wondering what the Paleo Lifestyle is.  This post will provide a brief overview along with references in case you would like to do some more in-depth reading on this topic.  There are many resources available on the … Continue reading

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My Path to Paleo: Choosing my Route

I had to examine myself very thoroughly to find the right path personally. Fritz Sauckel Many years ago I followed the Atkins low carb plan and had good success with it.  The science behind the diet made sense to me.  … Continue reading

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