Getting Into the Groove: 4/18/12

I walked 30 minutes.

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Getting Into the Groove 4/17/12

Did one set of calisthenics and hiked for 1 hour and 9 minutes with TBB (The Beach Babe) at Annadel State Park.  I am really enjoying the social activity and the stress reduction that I get from hiking after work whilst chatting with TBB.

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Getting Into the Groove 4/16/12

I walked 30 minutes.

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Brunch on the Farm

Last weekend I had Sunday Brunch at Tara Firma Farms, the farm where most of the food TMOTH (The Man of the House) and I eat comes from.  The brunch was a fund raiser for Tara Firma Institute, a non-profit which is being started to provide education about the farm and sustainable growing practices.

We were served a tasty, locally grown meal including pastured eggs, sausage and bacon.  We sat on hay bales.  The other guests at the meal were varied and interesting to speak with.

The speakers at the brunch were Tara Smith (owner of the farm) and farm activist, Joel Salatin.  Both were articulate, amusing and very passionate about their topics.  They were preaching to the choir.  Everyone there was there because they believe in the importance of having locally grown, sustainable, real food available.  If you are interested in viewing the talks, the event was videotaped and can be viewed from the Tara Firma website.

It’s an unfortunate fact that most people don’t give too much thought to what they eat.  If they did, the Standard American Diet (SAD) would be very different.  My friends and acquaintances view my dietary shift and interest in nutrition as an eccentric phase.  I am a proud low carb Paleo Locavore.  It’s not a diet or a phase.  It’s a life-style that evolved as I passed through a series of changes.

Joel Salatin mentioned in his talk that as more people begin to change their behavior, eventually a tipping point is reached and that behavior then becomes the norm.   I do my part trying to change the behavior of those around me by feeding them delicious locally grown foods, or by inviting them to join me at the Farmer’s Market.  One thing leads to another.  Eventually, bit by bit, person by person, we may reach the tipping point that makes food grown locally by family farmers a hot commodity.

It’s not easy to make a living farming.  Tara Firma Farms was started three years ago.  Tara Smith said that the farm is currently feeding more than 600 families.  This year is the first year that they are breaking even.  If we want to have locally grown, sustainable food available on an ongoing basis, we need to vote with our dollars.  We need to request locally, sustainably grown food items from our local grocers and restaurants.  We need to let the commercial establishments in our area know that we want to buy these kinds of products so that they will begin to carry them.

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From the Internet: Make Shi(f)t Happen

I read a very interesting blog post this morning from Dean Dwyer of Make
Shi(f)t Happen (formerly Being Primal).  Dean’s post really resonated with me.  In it he discusses that the key to health, happiness and life is not Paleo, but change.  Paleo is a tool that can be used to get there, but in order for it to work, the person must make broader changes in his or her attitude, thinking and way of life.

I have found this to be very true for me.  My journey with Paleo has truly been a life passage.  I started with the goal of weight loss, but as my journey progressed so did my goals and my life as a whole.

Dean recommends five books in his post.  These are not Paleo books.  They are books that illustrate concepts about change and growth.  In the post he outlines the way that he thinks a person can most effectively absorb and utilize the information in the books.  I plan to work my way through them.

If you are interested, here’s a link to Dean’s post.

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Getting Into the Groove 4/13/12

I walked 30 minutes.  Today (Saturday) is my rest day.  I did apheresis at the blood bank this morning.  This afternoon I go in for some routine maintenance:  mani, pedi and eye brow wax.

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Getting Into the Groove 4/12/12

I did two sets of calisthenics (and have the sore muscles to prove it).  My goal is to work back up to four sets.

I walked for 30 minutes.

TMOTH (The Man of the House), TBB (The Beach Babe) and I hiked for 52 minutes.

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