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My Paleo Plate: 11/11/11

I like the symmetry of the date today.  🙂  It’s not very often that anything in my life looks as organized as the date today. I thought I’d give everyone another glimpse at a typical day of food.  I know … Continue reading

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Paleo Recipe: Pumpkin Sausage Soup

I created this recipe to make use of some ingredients I had on hand from the Farmer’s Market forage.  I had several small pie pumpkins and some Calabrese Sausage from Franco’s Sausage.  The Andouille Sausage is my absolute favorite, but … Continue reading

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From the Internet: Sustainability of Paleo Diets

Sustainability is a hot topic in the food industry right now.  Large companies such as Unilever and Walmart are joining the fray with programs intended to show consumers that they are producing sustainable foods.   Whether they really are is debatable. … Continue reading

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Farmer’s Market Forage

Today TMOTH (The Man of the House) and I went foraging at the local Farmer’s Market.  I had made arrangements with John Ford Ranch of Willets to pick up a 50 pound box of his FABULOUS grass fed beef.  Here … Continue reading

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Paleo Recipe: Pork Chops with Sauerkraut

Today’s recipe is an example of free form cooking.  I had a concept and I set out to create it.  This is a very simple, yet tasty meal. This concept was born in the kitchen at work.  I was talking pressure … Continue reading

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My Paleo Plate 10/25/11

Most of you are probably familiar with the plate icon that has replaced the old food pyramid. The folks at Fitbomb came up with a Paleo version. When people find out that I’m not eating grains, legumes, dairy or processed … Continue reading

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Foraging at the Farmers Market

On Saturday we like to go to the local Farmers Market and forage for the food we will eat during the next week.  It’s a lot of fun to see what everyone has brought to the market.  There’s live music … Continue reading

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